LAX Public Project

The exhibition Clothesline Lane is part of the Los Angeles World Airports Arts Exhibition Program


LAX Customs Display Case in the Thomas Bradley International Terminal Time: August 2014 – February 2015

Clothesline Lanes

Southern California has diverse areas that one drives by or walks through; these neighborhoods offer a visual treat and rouse the senses. For Clothesline Lanes, I chose five places among the myriad of possibilities that have their own intriguing beauty and fascination. Each of these places appeals to my interest in women’s clothing, fabric, patterns, and memories. The five locations I chose each have a unique women’s clothing item that reflect parts of the Southern California experience which we all see but do not all experience: The bathing suits of Pacific Coast Highway, couture fashion of Rodeo Drive (Beverly Hills), Quinceañera dresses of Pacific Blvd. (Huntington Park), the thrift stores of Fairfax Blvd. (Little Ethiopia section) and the saris of Pioneer Blvd. (Little India). Some of these places are popular with tourists while others seem to be only known by the locals. Clothesline Lanes reveals a geography that is familiar and simultaneously secret, intimate yet universally appealing, much like the dichotomy that is Los Angeles and Southern California experienced by visitors and residents alike.


Curated by Juliet Rosati Bello of Cream Gallery